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GenCyber's mission is to grow the number of students studying cybersecurity in the United States. The program includes summer camps across the nation designed for elementary, middle, and high school students, and teachers. The camps focus on engaging the learners with sound cybersecurity principles and teaching techniques.

    The GenCyber program operates on 3 primary goals:
  • Increase interest in cybersecurity careers and diversity in the cybersecurity workforce of the Nation.
  • Help all students understand correct and safe on-line behavior.
  • Improve teaching methods for delivering cybersecurity content for K-12 programs.

NJIT Program

The NJIT GenCyber program culminated with a showcase on July 21, 2016 (see media coverage of the event)

In Summer 2016, NJIT’s Computer Science department/ RWC Program will offer its first Cybersecurity Real World Connections Summer Camp at NJIT (Cyber-RWC) that will provide more than 40 middle & high school students across New Jersey from access to a an intensive multidisciplinary Cybersecurity learning experience with multi-level/ hands-on training workshops and four exciting real world project tracks using our innovative RWC learning model. RWC learning model is a different approach to teaching and learning as it allows students to re-invent their education and themselves in their own way while providing them with coaching, mentorship and real world opportunities. The main emphasis in RWC is creating highly motivational learning environments in STEM that makes learning relevant, challenging and exciting empowered by learning-by-doing, authentic experiences, students’ ownership and social integration.

The program will utilize expert coaching, multi-tier mentorship and project-based learning to teach the students all cybersecurity essentials. As the students master such skills, they will form their own enterprise to build a Cybersecurity awareness campaign to inspire peers across the state by means of developing a website, creating a smart phone App, building a simulation game and making an awareness video. Consequently, they will elect their CEO and executive board of four project managers for four real world projects that aim at promoting cybersecurity awareness.

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2016 Cybersecurity Real World Connections Summer Camp at NJIT


Passed Events:

2016 Women Designing the Future Conference

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